6 Amazing Places to Visit On Your Trip To Mauritius

Mauritius opens its arms wide to one and all. Mauritius’s ocean island nation has a great temperature throughout the year and a host of tourist attractions to explore. It offers an experience worth remembering, so Unlimited Trips highly recommends you take a trip there for your next vacation.

If you intend to visit Mauritius soon, we’ll be more than happy to take you there. But before that, we put together a list of places to explore on your visit to Mauritius, and we know you’ll love each of these fantastic places!



  • Ile Aux Cerfs

The island is regarded as a tropical paradise by many, having sandy beaches, shallow waters, and turquoise lagoons. You can find it on the east coast of Mauritius.

The shallow channel between Ile Aux Cerfs and Ilot Mangenie is a breathtaking sight and is one of the many reasons why visitors come to the island.

The island is bathed in the beauty that’s accentuated by white sand beaches. Anytime you go frolicking in shallow waters, we advise you to wear water shoes to protect your feet from being cut by the dead coral reef.


  • Gris Gris

Gris-Gris offers a dramatic and scenic view for all those who go to it, having a stunning, golden beach with epic waves and strong winds adding to the ethereal beauty. You can’t visit Mauritius without heading to this place!

There are several places your curious feet should take you to; for one, head over to the Weeping Rock, also known as the La Roche Qui Pleure. It has a human head shape and looks like it is weeping when a big wave hits it.

But be aware you cannot swim at Gris Gris because the conditions are not favorable for that particular activity.


  • Black River Gorges National Park

The Black River Gorges national park, found in the southwestern part of the country, is a large and beautiful place that shows just how beautiful nature truly is!

It has become a home for different flora and fauna varieties, attracting many photographers, adventurists, and vacationers alike.

Great trails are awaiting you on the island, and hiking and camping are the mainstays of vacationers too.  It’s truly adventure at its finest! It is best to visit this place between December to July.


  • Grand Baie

Grand Baie has a lot to offer too. It is a fun-filled place, it’s beautiful, and it’s serene, providing exploratory avenues from the beaches to the market to the food stalls and even deep forests.

The beach is crowded all year round for how fun it is! Diving and snorkeling are favorite activities too. The area has a captivating museum with exhibits showing ancient clothes and objects relating to Mauritius’s history.

Make sure you head to the Grand Baie market, too, because it provides an opportunity to shop and buy unique things at a low price.


  • 7 Colored Earth In Charamel

This is a small place unique to itself. You probably won’t find many places like it worldwide, which is why it won’t be amiss to head there when you’re in Mauritius.

Millions of years ago, volcanic activity created different layers of dunes that can still be seen today. They are several layers of colored dunes that look like something straight out of a fantasy story. They’re as beautiful as they are rare. There is also a waterfall around the area.


  • Rochester Falls

The waterfall was shaped and created by volcanic activity thousands of years ago. It is a piece of artwork that you must see! It will provide an exciting experience as you lounge by the pool or take refreshing dips into it. If that doesn’t catch your fancy, relax and watch the locals or other vacationers go diving.

But because of the unpaved roads, be mindful of where you drive lest you damage your car. If possible, take a walk and leave your vehicle on the side.


We want you to get the best from your travel and vacations worldwide, and if Mauritius seems like an excellent place for a holiday, that’s because it is!

Elizabeth Holmes Travel would be more than happy to take you to Maauritos and back again in utter comfort, speed, and style! We put together the list above to help make your trip to Mauritius a memorable one, but getting there is the first step. Reach out to us, and we’ll handle everything!

Elizabeth Holmes Travel, a professional and full-service travel agency, is the solution to all your travel needs! Contact us for more information.



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