Some of the Stunning Places You Can Now Explore in Zagreb

The capital city of Croatia offers tourists like you so much! From rich history and culture to exquisite architecture, you’ll never run out of fun things to do in Zagreb.

However, although the city of Zagreb is quintessential in beauty, some of its untapped beautiful and scenic attraction sights are found outside the city limits.

Now that the country has reopened to vaccinated travelers without quarantine and unvaccinated tourists who present the approved test results, here are some of the best places to start visiting!



  • Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice is home to 16 of the most pristine and enchanting lakes in Zagreb preserved by the government to remain untainted.


Around the summer, the lakes become a natural relaxation spot and playground for those who want to lounge in the sun and tour the national park.

Some of these lakes make for an eventful forest walk, and others give viewers a chance to see the turquoise falls.

The nature lover in you will find one or more things to fall in love with at the Plitvice Lakes.

  • Kumrovec

Here, you get to have a sneak peek into what life in the traditional village of the Zagorie region was like.

Kumrovec’s scenic surroundings are made up of lush farms and vineyards. In the center of the village, you will find an open-air ethnographic museum.

A day trip to Kumrovec, located at the Slovenian border in north Croatia, will fill you with rich political history and charming views of the magnificent landscape!


  • Samobor

Famous for hiking and fantastic cuisine, Samobor’s beauty is brought to life by its shiny cobbled streets hosting some of the most divine Baroque buildings.

The unbelievably pretty town in Croatia is home to many excellent restaurants, so we recommend you take the day trip from Zagreb to Samobor with a huge appetite!

Escape into nature by hiking the trails of its wooded hills and treat yourself to the decadent samoborska kremšnita.


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