4 Places to Visit in Portugal

Portugal has many exciting places where vacationers can bond and meet new people and experience new cultures. Vacationers have always taken advantage of what Portugal has to offer, making the most of their trips to see beauty and art in different forms.

We want to join the bandwagon! Be part of the people who have enjoyed all the fantastic places in Portugal! We listed four of such sites for you below!



  • Lisbon

Lisbon is a known city across the peoples and nations of the world.  It is Portugal’s capital, and as with many places, there’s more to Lisbon than meets the eye.

There are so many beautiful spots that people can go to relax in this city. With unique places like the Atlantic port and the waterfront location, it is pretty easy to see why Lisbon is an exciting target for your trip.

You also get to explore the Castelo de Sao Jorge (an ancient castle), Alfanma, Parque das Nacoes and Oceanario. In essence, you can never get bored of the city because it has so many fun places for its visitors and travelers all year long!


  • Porto

Do you love art and buildings? Do you think granite architecture and commercial disposition deserve accolades and attention?

If you answer ‘yes’ to these, a trip to Portugal’s second city is in order. If there is anything you get to experience in Porto, it is beauty in different forms. From churches to the Ponte Dom Luis to the Vila Nova de, your options are pretty alluring.


  • Evora

Evora is one place in Portugal that no one, especially people visiting for the first time, should omit on their bucket list of things to do and places to see.

It is widely known across all countries as the city in Portugal with unique monuments, so it’s more than worth your attention.


  • Obidos

It is the perfect place to relax. If you’re on vacation with your partner, Obidos is the perfect place for you to explore together.

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