There is no “typical” vacation in Asia, but every trip there, no matter what country you visit, offers a common ingredient – the opportunity for a splendid adventure. You have unlimited options to satisfy every travel desire: busy cosmopolitan cities on the cutting edge of fashion and technology. Rural environments where time moves at a more leisurely pace. Gorgeous beachside destinations where your only to-do is to do nothing at all. The ruins of ancient cultures, ready for exploration. A multitude of cultures and traditions to dive into. And every possible combination in between.

Some other common ingredients? Kind and friendly people who welcome you and love to share their culture, their cuisine, and their lives with you. Over 60 percent of the world’s population lives in Asia, and everyone wants to meet you! You’ll definitely make new friends and meet interesting people during your visit here.

Festivals are also very popular throughout Asia – there’s usually at least one festival somewhere, so odds are good you’ll find yourself caught up in one as you’re walking around the region. Jump in and enjoy!

Of course, cuisine is a huge part of any Asia journey. From global favorites to obscure local favorites, bring an adventurous appetite for the new and unknown, and you won’t be disappointed.