The Middle East/Arabian Peninsula

Fly non-stop from Seattle to Dubai on Emirates!

Forget what you hear on the news and experience the Arabian Peninsula for yourself.  From Oman’s breathtaking cliffs that drop into a brilliant turquoise sea to Dubai’s enthusiastic attempts to manipulate the laws of nature, experience the Arab world with the help of someone who knows it.  I lived, worked, and traveled extensively throughout the Arabian Peninsula and would love to assist you in the planning process.  Dubai is an easy stopover before or after your African safari or travel to India or China.  Call us and begin your travel adventure today!

A Tale of Two Cities…

For a unique experience on the Arabian Peninsula, why not try a tour of the UAE and Oman?  Walking through the hot desert you say?  No way?  Well, you haven’t tried an all-inclusive excursion booked through EHT!  Everything is included from the time you step off the plane in Dubai to the time you head home.  Fantastic accommodations, a knowledgable guide, mouth-watering food, and the excitement of traveling through both the raw and beautiful wilderness of Oman and the bright lights and welcoming culture of Dubai are all included!  Call me for more details on this exciting excursion through some of the most breathtaking lands in the world.

   The famous Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai and the Bay of Muscat up top

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