Yumiko and Karina go home – Japan


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The Middle East/Arabian Peninsula

Fly non-stop from Seattle to Dubai on Emirates! Forget what you hear on the news and experience the Arabian Peninsula for yourself.  From Oman’s breathtaking cliffs that drop into a brilliant turquoise sea to Dubai’s enthusiastic attempts to manipulate the laws of nature, experience the Arab world with the help of someone who knows it. …

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River Cruises

Looking for a less intimidating, all-inclusive, and exciting way to explore China and Egypt?  Try a Viking River Cruise!  Click on the following link for itineraries that will take you down the Yangtze and Nile Rivers:  Call our office for more details!

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Yumiko’s Top 10 Tokyo Highlights

10. Get up really early — go to the Tsukiji Fish Market (the largest fish market in the world) — grab breakfast with fishmongers; they will tell you what’s best that day 9. Walk around the Akihabara “Electronics” town in Tokyo — check out the latest and most advanced electronics on the market; you will…

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