River Cruises

When people think of cruising, they often first think of ocean sailing. However, more people are discovering the many attractions of river cruising, which enables passengers to experience several memorable destinations in a short amount of time, while travelling the world’s most famous, historic rivers.

It may sound like a strange way to describe a vacation, but river cruising delivers a very efficient cruising experience. Since river cruise ships don’t offer days at sea, river cruises stop at new ports almost every day. That means you get to explore more destinations than on an ocean cruise. And instead of sailing across an empty sea to the next port, on a river cruise, you’re sailing past spectacular scenery – the Danube’s Wachau Valley, the Rhine’s River Gorge, and much more – as you transit to your next port of call.

River cruise ships are smaller vessels, so they can access more places the big ships can’t – they can navigate harder-to-reach ports and shallow waterways to deliver you to destinations away from busier ports visited by larger ships. You’ll be immersed in local cultures, one-of-a-kind excursions, and culinary adventures available only on river cruises.

And onboard, you’ll benefit from a similarly intimate sailing experience. Smaller ships mean fewer passengers, which means a slower, more relaxed atmosphere onboard. You have a better opportunity to get to know your fellow travelers and form lifelong friendships as you explore some of the world’s most beautiful, unknown destinations.

River Cruise Destinations