Hawaii & South Pacific

Hawaii has many attractions: fresh, floral-scented air. Warm, tranquil waters. Breathtaking natural scenery. Some of the best surfing in the world. And endless opportunities to be as active or as lazy as you want to be.

Hawaii was born in fire, and to this day, volcanos both active and dormant loom large over these islands. This geothermal activity has created a spectacularly wild environment teeming with life. If you’re in an active mood, head off into the rugged interior on a nature hike. You can explore lush rainforests and marvel and the awe of torrential waterfalls that fill the air with thunder (and a refreshing mist after a long hike). And catch tantalizing glimpses of the wildlife like deer, mongooses, and wild pigs, wallabies, and sheep.

The part of Hawaii that captures most of the attention is the coast, and for good reason. Endless miles of pristine beaches surrounded by warm water that demands you to be in it as much as possible. Dip your head beneath the cerulean water and watch a hidden world of fish, turtles, and other marine life flitting among the coral reefs.

On land, you can pick the ideal pace for your visit. Start off in Honolulu, on Oahu, where this cosmopolitan city serves as an international destination for people seeking the finest dining, shopping, and resort experiences. Then head to Maui, which offers a more laid-back, casual experience. Here you can swim with the turtles and pass the hours simply watching the waves on a secluded beach, exchanging “mahalo” with the occasional beach walker.

Hawaii is often called paradise on earth, and for good reason. Here you’ll find the relaxation and restoration that will stay with you long after you’ve departed.


Hawaii & South Pacific