Small Ship Cruises

When it comes to cruises, travelers tend to think of all-you-can-eat buffets, crowded swimming pools, increasingly over-the-top onboard amenities like climbing walls and water parks. Regular cruising seems to equate bigger and more with a better cruise experience. But if all of that sounds like too much, then small ship cruising is an option you should explore. Small ship cruising takes everything about regular cruises and goes in the opposite direction.

With small ship cruise, everything is smaller – and that’s a good thing. Time moves slower, giving you the opportunity to luxuriate in every moment. Instead of popular ports, it’s all about hidden islands, inlets, and refuges the big ships can’t reach. It’s about discovering find the best entertainment, sightseeing, and cultural experiences, with the luxury of retiring to your premium small ship whenever you want to relax. That’s another great thing about small ship sailing – you are in charge of your days. While larger cruise ships set strict schedules that determine when you leave and return to the ship, with small ship sailing, your schedule is up to you.

Small ship cruisers appreciate the fact that because these ships don’t have the distractions of casinos, gyms, theatres and swimming pools, it’s easier to focus on the destination and the whole travel experience. You’re mindful of where you are on a small ship cruise, which creates an even more memorable vacation experience.

Small Ships Destinations