Elizabeth Holmes Travel Inc. (EHTI) was founded in 1991. After over 20 years in Fremont, the self-proclaimed center of the Universe in Seattle,  we are now in Georgetown.

We have enjoyed continuous, steady growth even through the biggest travel industry slumps, largely through word of mouth. We have also become trusted consultants and suppliers to tour operators and travel media entities including Rick Steves' Europe Through the Back Door, Rudy Maxa, the Savvy Traveller, Earthbound Expeditions and Tofino Expeditions. Most recently we were recommended in the National Geographic’s Adventure Magazine for travel to and within Australia.

Our service goal is “first class service at discount prices” and we work to honor our commitment. We don’t sell travel to places we haven’t visited – well, OK we do, but between us, we’ve been just about everywhere. We all have personal experiences and preferences we are eager to share with you, no matter where you are going. We know our business, and we’re all travelers who love talking about and selling travel.

This website will introduce surfers and our regular clients alike to current information and airfares. We can’t begin to cover every city in the world, but we hope the selection of destinations and fares will demonstrate why you should give us a call. Speaking of calling, you will notice that we are not ‘into’ e-commerce. You have to call. Our business model is built around enough personal interaction that we know your real needs and preferences and can help you plan accordingly. Try booking an airline seat for your viola on Expedia!

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Elizabeth, Sarah, Sheri, Joy, Kelly, and Yumiko