5 Countries To Consider For A Honeymoon Vacation

A little shade or a sunny beach would do for a honeymoon vacation. However, a little shade with just the perfect venue would be so perfect and unique!

There are many places worldwide where you can relax and enjoy a wonderful vacation. Here are a few great locations to consider for a honeymoon vacation!



  • Hawaii

Hawaii defines beauty. The activities to try there are endless! Make sure you and your spouse don’t miss out on the island’s helicopter tour or even a wonderful trip to the famous Haleakala. You should also visit the Volcano National Park and immerse yourself in stargazing.


  • Australia

Australia is a place full of hidden treasures that we know you’ll love to see and experience! Everything about this place speaks of natural beauty. It offers you many adventure opportunities, ranging from its tropical forest to its Australian vineyards and coral reefs.


  • Thailand

Bangkok, Phuket, and Chiang Mai offer couples a mix of rural elephant sanctuaries and a bit of beach action with city life to spice up your vacation! It’s a very cheap and welcoming vacation place.


  • Italy

A romantic getaway that never runs out of style in Italy. Italian food and wines are the pillars of an Italian trip. Tuscany’s favorite properties were a 12th-century medieval village purchased by the Ferragamo family in the ’90s. We highly recommend you head there. It has been restored as a hotel, working farm, and artisan village with beautiful scenery.


  • South Africa

Becoming a trend for honeymoon centers, South Africa’s stunning wildlife scenery and vibrant culture make it a great place to spend time with your loved one. Couples can experience a fantastic view from a hot air balloon.

The Krueger National Park also has countless surprises for you. Then there’s shark diving at Cape point. You can even head to Victoria Falls and marvel at its grand sight.


So, which of these places catch your fancy the most? Will it be Hawaii or South Africa, or any other part of the world? Regardless of where you wish to travel fr your holiday, Elizabeth Holmes Travel would be delighted to get you there and back again!

We’re a full-service travel agency that has taken vacationers and couples like you around the world to have the time of their lives! Click here to contact us and make the most of your next trip!

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