3 Top Sights In Ireland

So, Ireland is your next vacation spot? That means that you have chosen the home of Shamrock and leprechauns as your next destination, a very laudable choice.  Let us get you started on some of the places that will validate your excellent choice!



  • Ring Of Kerry

To go for the Ring of Kerry is to embrace wild landscapes and countryside beauty actively. A circular 3.5hr drive through the dramatic coast and little southwest towns of Ireland opens you up to a world of scenic beauty.

You are sure to make stops at places like the ring of Kerry cliff, Gap of Dunloe, a stone fort of your choosing, or even ferry off to Venetia island. Whichever one you decide on, you are in for a memorable time.


  • Guinness Storehouse

Make your way to the heart of St. James’ gate to cup a feel of Ireland’s most iconic beer at what was once a fermentation plant.

The Guinness storehouse will let you in on the history, ingredients, and character that make the beer such a force and legend. You will be handed a free drink if you make it to the gravity bar and a great view of Dublin.


  • Blarney Castle

A castle is not something you stumble upon on a typical day. Therefore, the idea that you get to view a court from different sides should excite you.

Built nearly 600 years ago near Cork, Ireland, the Blarney castle rumored to be bespelled by a witch is one of Ireland’s historical tourist sites.

It is said that kissing its stones gives one the gift of eloquence; wouldn’t you want to find out?

While you are there, be sure to find the witch’s kitchen and the wishing steps on the ground to give yourself the whole blarney experience.


If you are ready to accept the gift of eloquence with a mug of Guinness in your hand, then reach us, and we’ll make sure you have a whale o a time in Ireland!

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