All Lovers of Nature Can Now Book A Trip To Namibia

The beautiful Southern African Country of Namibia is the perfect place for all nature lovers. Moreover, it is effortless to travel there, being one of the least populated countries in the world.

Namibia is another country open to all tourists regardless of nationality. Travelers only need to submit evidence of a negative PCR or Antigen test taken within seven days of arrival.

Visitors who present this result will not be subjected to quarantine. So you can now tour Namibia with no worry or concern about how safe the place is!



  • Cape Cross

Cape Cross is located 120km to the north of Swakopmund and is home to one of the world’s largest fur seals colonies. In 1968, to protect Cape Cross, the most famous out of the 23 fur seal colonies that breed along the coast of Namibia and South Africa, its surrounding area was declared a reserve.

About 150,000 seals gather at Cape Cross during the November/December breeding season, so if you want to see fur seals in their numbers, it is best to go at this time.


  • Fish River Canyon

The immensity of the Fish River Canyon, only second in grandeur to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, is nothing short of magnificent.

Located in southern Namibia, the Fish River Canyon hosts a massive ravine about 27km in width, 550 meters in depth, and about 160 km in length. The canyon offers all the breathtaking beauty your camera yearns for!


  • Twyfelfontein

Twyfelfontein is found in north-western Namibia and features one of the continent’s most extensive collections of rock engravings.

You will see engravings and carvings of animals like elephants, ostriches, rhinoceroses, giraffes, and even sketches of human and animal footprints. These carvings are over 6,000 years old and were made by ancient bushmen.


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