What U.S. Tourists Planning to Visit Spain in 2021 Must Know

As the COVID-19 vaccine is speedily being rolled out globally, many countries, including Spain, have gradually implemented protocols. This move is to enable them safely welcome back tourists.

If you are a U.S. citizen who intends to visit Spain this year, here is what you should know to ascertain how qualified you are before booking a trip to the country.



  • Vaccinated U.S. Citizens

From June 7, 2021, U.S citizens who have received the COVID-19 vaccination and their minor children are eligible to travel to Spain from the U.S once they provide these certifications on arrival in Spain:

  1. R. code generated via the Spain Travel Health portal. This is either gotten through the website or by downloading the SpTH app from Google Play or App Store for every single traveler.


  1. A vaccination certificate proves that they have been fully vaccinated against the virus for over 14 days before embarking on the trip to Spain. The certification must be obtained either from vaccines approved by the WHO or European Medicines Agency.


Although children 12 years or older are required to provide proof of vaccination, minors are allowed into Spain if they are traveling with vaccinated parents. But will still need to present the Q.R. code described above.


  • Unvaccinated U.S. Citizens

Unvaccinated U.S travelers are only eligible to enter Spain after receiving a special permit from the Spanish Government after meeting specific requirements.

Unvaccinated U.S travelers must endeavor to confirm with the Spanish regulatory bodies before making plans to travel to Spain.

Even when this permission is granted, a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 48 hrs upon arrival in Spain or evidence of recovery from COVID-19 must be provided. This is necessary so that a Q.R. code can be generated for said travelers.


  • General Restrictions

Other COVID-19 protocols put in place remains effective country-wide and may vary according to what is obtainable in each region.

Therefore, U.S travelers must monitor the area where they are lodged to know and adhere to its COVID-19 safety protocols. They must continuously check the appropriate websites for updated information on these restrictions too.

Ensure you understand the local requirements before moving between cities in Spain to avoid being fined or even arrested for defying such conditions.


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