Salento, Colombia is the Place to be As the World Reopens

The relaxed and beautiful small town of Salento, Colombia, is every vacationer’s paradise. We highly recommend you head here for your next vacation!

Travelers who wish to jet off to Colombia will no longer be required to produce a negative COVID-19 test result, nor will they be denied entry if they cannot provide a negative PCR test. However, all inbound travelers must fill out a “Check-MIG” form at least 24 hours before departure and exit.

Visitors who show symptoms of the virus or have come in contact with a positive COVID-19 person in the last 14 days will not be granted entrance. With that being said, here are some of the fun things you can try in picture-perfect Salento!



  • Hike The Valle de Cocora

You will need a lot of water and snacks to sustain you for the entire 5 to 6 hours duration it takes to complete the hike.

However, a trek up the Valle de Cocora is worth all the hype. It opens up to scenic views and the picture-perfect Quinido Wax palms steeped in rolling hills of lush greenery!

Endeavor to make a slight detour to the hummingbird reserve, Acaime. And don’t forget to bring a camera along!


  • Take a Coffee Plantation Tour

One of Colombia’s most fantastic tourist attractions is its coffee. Salento is the most famous town in the Eje Cafetero Cofee zone. So it is almost a travesty to visit the town without getting a feel of the coffee farms!

Farms like Don Elias offer tours of their coffee farms, the process of harvesting, drying of beans, and making it into a delicious cup at the end, all by hand.

You can also check out the El Ocaso farm for a slightly more extensive and upscale tour. Both farms are just a walk down the hill from the town’s center.


  • Go Paragliding

Reach out to any local tour company to transport you to the closest take-off point for a good dose of adrenaline. Then, with the aid of a professional guide, you will be able to fly so high and get a panoramic view of the farmlands and green valleys surrounding Salento.  And if you’re feeling brave enough, ask the pilot to do some loop-de-loops as you fly back down!

Salento also has many beautiful places best described as hidden gems. So if you opt to spend time discovering these gems, call us at (206) 547-8361 or (800) 588-8361 to know more about them. So contact us and let the planning begin!

Elizabeth Holmes is here to help you enjoy your vacation. Our passion and dedication to traveling, in general, is unquestionable and drives us to impress our clients and give them the most deserving trip!

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