You Can Now Dine at These Great Restaurants With The New Covid Protocols in Cabo

The only test required for US Cabo travelers is an Antigen test fo re-entry into the states; no taste is necessary to enter Cabo.  Travelers from the US will take antigen tests before re-entry.

They are readily available at most hotels and are always primarily free but costs about USD 25.00 at the airport. It will take only ten minutes for your results to be out.

Canadians returning from Cabo will need a PCR test; although not usually free, it is affordable and readily obtainable.

In addition, hotels are all equipped with all the information you will need to meet the COVID requirements. So if you are looking for a vacation spot for the summer, head on to Cabo, Mexico, and endeavor to indulge in these three excellent restaurants!



  • Outpost

This vegan-friendly restaurant maintains a proper safety standard while serving fantastic food. With meal options ranging from American, Mexican, vegetarian, and seafood, there is little wonder why the place is called a “foodies’ paradise.”

Outpost can be found next to Tampa and near a California market. It serves brilliant modern cuisines at lunch, dinner, and late nights with drinks that include cocktails.

So if you crave an enchanting evening with even better food and drinks, head on to Outpost and be taken care of by its excellent staff and stunning atmosphere.


  • Carbon Grill Restaurant

With a seasoned specialty in steakhouse and seafood, this place serves a perfectly grilled deliciousness presented in a hibachi grill that keeps the food warm while you eat!

At Carbon Grill, you get a combination of grilled deliciousness perfectly presented, exceptional service, and a fantastic view of the ocean and moon, all at a moderate price.

If by any chance you are vegan, vegetarian, or aversed to Gluten, the Carbon Grill restaurant has options for you too.


  • Sancho’s Sports Bar

A combination of outstanding cuisine and watching your favorite sports team on the TVs in Sancho’s makes it one of the best eating spots in Cabo.

For your authentic Mexican, Creole, Cajun, vegetarian and vegan food, give the chefs here a try. Not only is the food here very affordable, but it is also pet-friendly, kid-friendly, offers excellent food and drinks services with a vibe that has a local feel to it!


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