3 Things You Must know about Costa Rica

For people going to Costa Rica for the first time, it is wise to make good preparations. There is nothing wrong with getting acquainted with the environment and its activities even before you fly

Costa Rica may be a small country, but don’t let its size belie how beautiful it is. Costa Rica is a fantastic place for your May vacation.

It interests you to know that Costa Rica offers considerably more than what many countries three times its size do! The exotic animals, the beaches, the colorful culture, and ancient attractions all give you something to make your vacation worthwhile.

But before all that, we believe you should know about the four interesting things about Costa Rica listed below.



  • Costa Rica Can Get Cold, But There is No Snow

Costa Rica’s tendency to get chilly is a bit high, so it’s pretty surprising there’s never snow. No matter how cold it gets, Costa stays snow-free, and that’s often the perfect weather for a fun vacation!


  • Wi-FIs Are Available In Strategic Places

The Wi-Fi locations riddling numerous strategic locations mean you’ll have access to the net and other services in the hotels. This is convenient because it means you’ll never be disconnected from the rest of the world.


  • Tap Water is Safe

You won’t need to worry about water when visiting Costa Rica. All water sources, including tap water, are perfectly safe to drink. The same can’t be said for many countries, but this lovely Central American country isn’t one of them!

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