4 Events To Keep In Mind When Planning A Trip To Hawaii

Hawaii is truly unique. Where else can one see beautiful beaches covered in white, green, pink, red, and, yes, black-colored sands? Nowhere!

Besides its colorful sand, the beaches of Hawaii feature many forms of entertainment. Lounging on a warm beach night lit up with tiki torches and watching the Hawaiian island women do the mesmerizing “hula” dance is a rare experience.

Watch, enjoy and appreciate this colorful culture while you sip on a blend of exotic juices. It all sounds like a dream vacation, doesn’t it?

That’s a beautiful way to spend a Hawaiian night. Still, there is more to the island state than tiki torches and hula dance.

The island is home to many unique events that hold different cultural significance and pure entertainment too. If you are looking to pad up your travel journal with stories of beautiful, enlightening Hawaiian events, then these four ought to do!



  • Aloha Festivals, Statewide In September

This event is held state-wide in September. Each island hosts free events that revolve around its unique, rich culture and celebrates the diverse culture and tradition of the Hawaiian people to foster the “aloha” spirit.

You should expect Hawaii’s music, culture, arts, crafts, entertainment, and yes, food in generous quantity to feature in all activities.


  • King Kamehameha Festival, Statewide In June

There are so many festivals in Hawaii that cut across the state. Celebrated in honor of King Kamehameha, the first king, and unifier of the Hawaii islands. Activities like a parade, which would kick off from the Iolani Palace and end at Kapiolani Park, begin the day.

Other activities like a horse race, ornate float, and marching bands take turns as the day unfolds. Hawaii in June is a walking piece of tapestry that will have you scribbling away at your journal.



  • Merrie Monarch Festival, Hilo In April

If the popular hula dance puts you in a trance, then this “hula Olympic” festival is bound to take your love for this art to a whole other dimension.

Fans and lovers of the dance make their way to the Edith Kanakaole Stadium, Hilo, to partake in this fantastic event promptly named after the beloved king Kamehameha. He was nicknamed the Merrie monarch, who in 1963 helped spark the hula’s resurgence.

More than a competition and in tune with every other Hawaiian festival, the Merrie monarch festival also celebrates the heritage of the Hawaiian people.

The three nights leading to the main event host a display of native arts, crafts, and music shows. Then the festival is promptly capped off with one big, colorful parade! Make room in your calendar for an April trip to Hilo!



  • Duke’s Oceanfest, Oahu in August

The Waikiki beach in august is home to many tourists from far and wide who have come to partake in the numerous nail-biting yet exciting sporting activities!

These events are held annually in honor of the acclaimed “father of modern-day surf,” the legendary Duke Kahanamoku.

Paying homage to his unmatched spirit of athleticism, Duke’s oceanfest hosts numerous week-long water sports.

They range from canoe paddling to wounded warrior surfing that provides great fun and raises funds for deserving athletes.


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