2 Great Things to Do in Hawaii

Hawaii is a vacationer’s paradise, regardless of who you are or what your age is. Both the young and old can have a wonderful time in this ancient land. The floral-scented air that draws smiles across faces; the tranquil waters that are so pleasant to the eye; the natural scenery that evokes thoughts of awe and wonder; they all converge to make Hawaii one of the most unique vacation spots in the world.

Elizabeth Holmes Travel is a full-service travel agency from Seattle, and we can’t wait to help you plan and organize your vacation to any of the great travel destinations we cover and Hawaii ranks right up there with the best of them!

Tell us, what’s your dream destination? Where do you want to go next? To see the untamed lands of Africa? To experience the colorful culture of Asia? Or perhaps sink your teeth into the exotic delicacies laden in Latin America?

Elizabeth Holmes Travel can help get you to any of these vacation destinations in utter comfort and with utmost speed. Our priority is arranging your hitch-free vacation and today, the spotlight falls on Hawaii. Listed below a few things you shouldn’t miss out on during your next vacation in Hawaii!



  • Take a Visit to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Have you ever mused over the idea of seeing an active volcano? There are extremely few places in the world where you can witness something so magnificent and imposing, and Hawaii is one of them.

The ancient petroglyphs and seemingly endless lava tubes all make for a sight that’ll remain with you long after you’ve left the Big Island.

If you prefer o walk, simply park in any of the many spots on the drive and go hiking instead. That gives you a better opportunity to appreciate what the park offers. You’ll be amazed at all the fascinating and scenic views and the landscapes of the park too.


  • Take a Visit to the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden

A visit to Hawaii without a visit to this garden is a visit wasted. That is just a simple fact It’s a beautiful place, regardless of whether you have a love for all things green or not.

It’s located on the east of the island right ahead of mile marker 7. It’s arguable if you’ll ever see another tropical botanical garden as stunning and vast as this one.

And if you’re like us and you care about the safety and longevity of the garden, the minuscule entrance fee you pay goes towards funds that keep the garden safe and ripe (it’s not for profit).

The park is over 40 acres large and with over 2000 species of flowers and tropical plants growing there, so expect to see plants you never even knew existed!


Does Hawaii sound like the perfect place for your next vacation? Elizabeth Holmes Travel, being a full-service Seattle travel agency, highly recommend this lovely Island. It’s a great place for a solo vacation, a vacation with friends, or a vacation with the entire family.

We’ll arrange the entire trip for you. Simply click here to contact us or come see us at 5700 6th Ave S #100, Seattle, WA 98108. You can also call us via this number 1 206-547-8361.

Reach out to Elizabeth Holmes Travel for a truly fun and wonderful vacation. Remember, with us, your dream vacation is always only a click away!


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