6 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Cambodia

Cambodia is a beautiful land with remarkable scenic views, amazing people, and memorable experiences to be had. We are here to help you build a unique experience on your trip to Cambodia with our list of the six most beautiful places to visit when we take you there!



  • Angkor Wat at sunrise

Angkor Wat holds the title of the largest religious monument in the world. It is a wonder to behold every time of the day but watching the sun peek from behind the temple towers is sublime.

It leaves you standing in awe, in no small part because of the thousands of birds that flock to the temple at this beautiful moment too.


  • The Cardamom Mountains

The Cardamom Mountains, the largest remaining rainforest in Southeast Asia, has a vast variety of wildlife living in its hills, plains, mangroves, and marshes.

It is home to endangered and fascinating flora and fauna that await your camera. A visit to the mountains is extraordinary, and it leaves you with fond memories of nature’s beauty.


  • Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh is one of Cambodia’s top tourist places, and of the most charming places you’ll ever see. You have to see the beautiful complex of the royal palace with its golden spires; the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum that was used as a prison during the country’s Khmer Rouge regime; the Phsar Reatrey, with its handcrafted souvenirs, etc. It’s the capital of Cambodia and is a must-visit for anyone going to Cambodia.


  • Kampot

Kampot is a serene environment with a lot of activities to try. Kayaking through its mangroves and pristine countryside, along with small communities and temples, gives yet another glimpse of the beauty of Cambodia.

Many rewards come with hiring a kayak and making way through the Kampot River’s tributaries and waterways network.


  • Preah Vihear Temple

The Preah Vihear Temple is a world heritage ancient temple built between the 9th and 12th centuries by several kings. The temple has impressive structures and was at the center of conflict for decades. Its ownership was being debated upon by two countries, and they pursued it up until recent years.

The destination was deemed safe in 2015 and had since been taken off many foreign offices’ watch list.


  • Kep National Park

Kep is known for having excellent crab delicacies! Walk into any restaurant and have your fill of the superb crab meals served there.

The park is lined with villages and farmlands that stretch to the sea. Taking a walk through the park provides ample opportunity to see and appreciate the park.

The park is an eighth-kilometer journey through a tropical jungle with vantage points for you to pause and marvel at the surroundings around and below you.



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