3 Popular Dishes in Taiwan

Taiwan is a culturally diverse country with different ethnicities. Frequented for its beautiful beaches, themed restaurants, and night markets, Taiwan is also known for its smartphones and electronics production. And most of all, their delectable cuisine is filled with mouth-watering dishes. Let’s check out some of their best words, shall we?



  • Stewed Pork Rice (Minced Pork Rice)

Minced pork rice is so prevalent in Taiwan that you can find it anywhere, from five-star hotels to street vendors. The food is referred to as Taiwan’s “national rice.”

Stewed pork rice comes in two varieties depending on where it’s been served in Taiwan. In North and Central Taiwan, it is the minced pork rice, of which the pork is diced by a knife and stewed with soy sauce. It is also minced pork rice in Southern Taiwan, directly translated from Chinese, of which a machine minces the pork.


  • Oyster Omelet

Oyster omelets are a must-eat whenever you visit a night market. The omelets have a smooth, chewy feel to them and a crispy coating thanks to the yam flour and cornstarch.

Each store boast of their unique chili sauce that adds to the rich flavor of eggs. Vegetables like garland chrysanthemum and bok choy are also added for more flavor.


  • Stinky Tofu

This snack gets its unusual name from the peculiar smell of fermented tofu.  It can be deep-fried or steamed or stewed, and it’s its unique flavor makes it the favorite of most Taiwanese.

Most vendors sell deep-fried tofus alongside non-spicy Taiwanese kimchi or Sichuan kimchi to balance off the tofu’s greasiness. In recent years, stinky tofu has been consumed with a spicy flavor. It is served with curd and pickled cabbage in a thick, spicy sauce.


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