Top 10 Adventures in Buenos Aires, Argentina

10. Gawking at the brightly painted homes of La Boca as you browse the street vendors

9. Visiting the famous Recoleta Cemetary where Evita and other famous Argentines are buried

8. Congratulating yourself for not having to drive on the 12 lanes of traffic on 9 de Julio Avenue, the widest street in the city

7. Learning to tango on every street corner!

6. Drinking a submarino hot chocolate with your breakfast

5. Taking a group of friends to a steak house (parrillas) to enjoy succulent Argentinean beef and delicious local wines

4. Purchasing a custom-made leather coat that is ready before you depart!

3. Taking a 3-day adventure up to Iguaçu Falls and witnessing its magnificence from both the Argentinean and Brazilian sides

2. Walking around the Casa Rosada while humming “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”!
1. Discovering a different side of this cosmopolitan yet rough-edged city every day you are there!

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