6 of The Best Pizzerias to Visit on Your Next Italy Vacation

Italy is known for serving some of the most delectable pizza on the planet, and this is well-deserved. But what about the pizzerias that serve them? There are so many. Opportunities abound to eat great pizza at excellent pizzerias. We wager each visit to any of the pizzerias listed below will leave you with unforgettable memories of Italy. Alright then, on to the list!



  • Di Matteo, Naples

Terrible pizzerias are hard to come by in Naples. According to several locals, Di Matteo offers the world’s best pizza. Most of their business takes place on the streets as workers receive out-of-the-oven pies.

They also offer table services and have been making customers happy since 1936. You don’t want to miss the provolone cheese pizza, ricotta, and pizza fritta (our favorite!).


  • Pizzeria da Albert, Trento

Pizzas here are made using traditional Neapolitan methods, and Albert Pagliani creates some of the best! Each pizza comes with toppings (fresh basil, capers, tuna) and onions, spicy salami, and three types of cheese.

Pizzeria da Albert does not take reservations; we advise you to come before the opening time (noon for weekdays and 7 pm for Saturdays) to avoid waiting in line.


  • Ai Marmi, Rome

Ai Marmi, although understaffed, have delicious pizza that you won’t find anywhere else. They serve classic Roman-style pizza with sauce and cheese in the middle. It’s crispy, charred. And tastes great! Everything they offer is excellent.


  • Mamma Rosa, Ortezzano

The Italian gastronomy bible, Gambero Rosso, recently named Mamma Rosa the best pizzeria in Marche.

Mamma Rosa’s pizzas have a divine taste with Licifero (topped with hot salami and hot peppers) and Sorriso (a traditional Margherita with the addition of red chillies and anchovies) standing out. They also offer Nutella pizza for dessert.


  • Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente, Naples

In 1994, President Bill Clinton stopped by for a pie here; hence the reason it’s called Il Pizzaiolo del Presidente.

This pizzeria is located at Centro Storico in the heart of Naples. Their pastries are classical Neopolitan. They make whatever you want although Margherita (tomato, sliced mozzarella, basils) and simple marinara (tomato, garlic, oregano) are their specialties!


  • L’Antica Pizzeria da Michelle, Naples

With a formula that has worked since 1906, you can’t go wrong here! This pizzeria is continually hailed by many as the home of the ‘world’s best pizza.’

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michelle has a menu that is restricted to marinara and Margherita pizza only, but that’s a good thing. They’ve perfected this kind of pizza, and a single bite will prove this to you! It’s pure in every way.


You don’t have to go through the stress of searching for different pizzerias on your own, because the list up there is all you need. But how do you get to Italy in utter comfort and style? The answer lies with us!

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