Sarah’s Top 10 Highlights of Italy

10. Staring up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, wandering through St Peters Basilica and standing in front of Michelangelo’s Pieta. In wonder of the amazing architecture and man power that it took to build these huge structures so long ago.

9. Walking endlessly through the winding narrow streets of Rome and coming upon one historical attraction after another. Stopping occasionally at a café for a glass of wine and a bruchetta that just knocks you socks off every time.

8. Walking through the olive tree groves and vineyards in a tiny Tuscan village on a perfect September morning. The sun is shining and you can see the rolling hills and other farms and villas in the distance.

7. Visiting a different Tuscan Hill town every day and discovering the shops, restaurants, churches, and museums. Of course driving on the small windy roads to get there and back was always breathtaking.

6. Eating tomato basil soup and drinking a fine Brunello wine at a lovely outside café in Montacino.

5. Arriving in San Marco Square on a vaporato after cruising down the Grand Canal. In total amazement of how one lives in a city surrounded by water.

4. Climbing 463 steps to the Duomo’s Dome in Florence. Narrow climb with moment of panic but once I was at the top I was glad that I had done it. The views of Florence were fabulous  and seeing the ceiling of the dome up close gave me a whole different  perspective.

3. Standing in front of Michelangelo’s David in the Accademia museum in Florence. The details and beauty of the statue can only be appreciated being there.

2. Buying a fabulous pair of fine Italian boots.

1. My favorite memory of Italy was sharing an evening meal with the folks that looked after our agriturismo. We cooked chickens and potatoes in a big wood burning oven outside and they brought lasagna, wine from the vineyard and Grappa! We also provided the music and they adored Bob Marley!

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