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Yumiko’s Top 10 London Highlights

10. Get up really early –walk along the Thames at sun rise.  The Glittering City will welcome you 9. Walk around Spitalfields and Shoreditch area – Where it used to be the grimy East End is not the hipcenter-central of London 8. Walk around Camden neighborhood (home of The Worlds End Camden).  Now you can…

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Sheri’s Top 10 Highlights of her Mediterranean Cruise

10. Exploring the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona and walking the Las Ramblas 9. Climbing to the top of the Medieval Village of Eze along the French Riviera 8. Visiting the beautiful markets and beaches of Nice 7. Visiting the ruins of the ancient city of Pompeii and exploring the Amalfi Coast 6. Eating Gelato on…

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Yumiko’s Top 10 Tokyo Highlights

10. Get up really early — go to the Tsukiji Fish Market (the largest fish market in the world) — grab breakfast with fishmongers; they will tell you what’s best that day 9. Walk around the Akihabara “Electronics” town in Tokyo — check out the latest and most advanced electronics on the market; you will…

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Sheri’s Top 10 Hawaiian Highlights

10. The wonderful smell of tropical flowers in the air and warm trade winds 9. Being pampered by the pool attendants at the Halekulani on Oahu 8. Leonard’s Malasadas and the fabulous shrimp trucks on Oahu 7. Waimea Canyon on Kauai: “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific“ 6. The road to Hana on Maui: 617…

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Joy’s Top 10 Highlights of New Zealand

10. Bungee jumping over scenic Lake Taupo TWICE! 9. Digging sand “hot tubs” at Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula–our tubs were heated naturally by the thermal activity underground! 8. Blackwater rafting in the Waitomo caves with the glowworms – just as whacky as it sounds! 7. Zorbing in Rotorua – look it up…

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Top 10 Highlights of Australia

10. Sky-surfing through the Daintree Rainforest 9.  Driving golf carts (on the left!) down the palm tree-lined paths of Hamilton Island 8.  Cuddling a koala bear before breakfast 7. Learning to surf in Noosa 6. Hiking through the rainforests of tropical North Queensland…and actually seeing the illusive southern cassowary bird 5. Star-gazing in the quiet…

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Sarah’s Top 10 Highlights of Italy

10. Staring up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, wandering through St Peters Basilica and standing in front of Michelangelo’s Pieta. In wonder of the amazing architecture and man power that it took to build these huge structures so long ago. 9. Walking endlessly through the winding narrow streets of Rome and coming upon…

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Yumiko’s Top 10 Highlights of Paris

10. Spend all day at Marche aux puces de St Ouen in Paris –1000’s of antique shops/flea shops to browse.  Many shops that sell hundreds of 100 year-old door knobs – that’s French! 9. Savor the Hot Chocolate at Angelina in Paris (and you need no more meals for the rest of the day!) 8.…

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Joy’s Top 10 Highlights of Ireland

10. Traveling during December – avoiding tourist season and getting such an authentic feel for an amazing country 9. Experiencing the nightlife of Temple Bar and its cobblestone streets in the heart ofDublin 8. Renting a car and learning to drive (and shift) on the opposite side of the road (fun and scary) 7. GALWAY – fabulous…

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