Top 10 Highlights of Australia

10. Sky-surfing through the Daintree Rainforest

9.  Driving golf carts (on the left!) down the palm tree-lined paths of Hamilton Island

8.  Cuddling a koala bear before breakfast

7. Learning to surf in Noosa

6. Hiking through the rainforests of tropical North Queensland…and actually seeing the illusive southern cassowary bird

5. Star-gazing in the quiet shadow of Ayres Rock (Uluru)

4. Watching sail boats pass during a leisurely champagne cruise around Sydney Harbor

3.  Riding on the southern hemisphere’s steepest train in the scenic Blue Mountains

2.  Watching rainbows appear over the Sydney Opera House after a light spring shower

1.  Seeing turtles and “finding Nemo” while snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef

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