5 Must-Visit Tourist Attractions in Costa Rica

From natural attractions like volcanoes, forests, beautiful wildlife, rivers to fascinating historical attractions and exciting activities to engage in, the list of things to do and places to visit in Costa Rica is quite literally inexhaustible!

Being a full-service travel agency from Seattle, Elizabeth Holmes Travel is more than ready to take you to Costa Rica for a fun-laden vacation! We’re so excited and can’t wait for you to engage in the wealth or activities awaiting you there.

Below are some of our favorite Costa Rican attractions. We believe you’ll love them too, so make haste and visit them when you land in Costa Rica for a wonderful and unforgettable vacation!



  • Manuel Antonio National park

This park has attracted a lot of tourists from around the world to see and experience the numerous and exotic wildlife and forests.

The beautiful beaches at the park are also an added advantage to the tourists. You’ll see beautiful birds and butterflies all around you. A tour around this great park will more than excite you. That we’re sure of!


  • Arenal Volcano (Also Known as Volcan Arenal)

If you seek a top volcano-viewing area in Costa Rica, Arenal Volcano is where your feet should carry you. It last erupted around 1968 and even though it’s safe, the volcano is far from dormant: there’s still smoking ash and flowing lava. You can see diverse and colorful of wildlife at this park.


  • Tamarindo

If you are looking for both fun and relaxation with great accommodation to stay and rest in, we recommend you head over to Tamarindo.

There are surfing and other adventurous activities like snorkeling, diving, horseback riding, or ziplining.


  • Tortuguero National Park

If you’ve always been fascinated by turtles or perhaps you have always loved to watch them, then Tortuguero National Park is a must-visit for you.

This park is the best place for turtle watching as it is often a breeding ground for turtles. Apart from turtles, you’ll also see a variety of amphibians and reptiles at this national park.


  • The National Theater in San Jose

If you want to have a break from all the natural attractions Costa Rica has to offer you, this beautiful historical landmark will be a wonderful place to spend your day.

You’ll get an insight into Costa Rican culture and history from the different statues, paintings, murals, etc. that are beautifully displayed at the theater.


Ready to leave behind the stress of work and relax a bit? Elizabeth Holmes Travel recommends the lovely country that is Costa Rica! Go there and bask in the wonders of nature while relaxing and enjoying a whole new culture and experience.

If you are you want a comfortable and stress-free travel experience in this beautiful country, Elizabeth Holmes Travel would love to talk to you! We’ll get you to Costa Rica and make sure your stay is a thoroughly fun and memorable one.

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