EHT goes to Berlin

Berlin is filled with so much history. Everywhere you look there is something commemorating someone or remembering those who were killed during the Holocaust, whether it be the Jewish, LGBTQ+, Romani, and more. If you are someone who wishes to learn more about the Holocaust, I would suggest visiting both the Topography of Terror as well as the Jewish Museum. Both offer a lot of information, and have several resources at your disposal. There are also several memorials remembering the different targeted groups by the Nazis, all free and in walking distance of each other. Berlin in fall is the best season, as it is cold enough to bundle up and enjoy warm lattes at one of Berlin’s many cafes, while the sun will still be out warming you. If you can, you can take a short hour long train to a small bordering town near Berlin, where remains one of the concentration camps, Sachsenhausen. For dinner, one of the best meals I have ever had was at Reinstoff, a michelin star restaurant located in downtown Berlin. It offers a great tasting menu of local ingredients and flavors. For coffee, I recommend Father Carpenters because of the delicious brunch menu as well as the several milk replacements they have in their possession (oat milk anybody?). I found the best way to get around the city was by the metro, it’s on time and efficient, having stops everywhere around the city.












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