Travel Insurance

To Insure or Not to Insure?

There are many reasons to consider buying travel insurance.  The two most common are trip cancellation and medical coverage.  What happens when you purchase non-refundable airline tickets and pay non-refundable deposits on the hotel for your dream vacation and then find out that an immediate family member has to have surgery the day before you are supposed to leave?  Or, what happens when you are strolling along the beach in Mexico and sprain your ankle, or worse yet, break your leg?  What if your airline or tour company ceases operations during your trip?  What happens if you get laid-off prior to your vacation?  Travel insurance can make these painful and frustrating situations much more bearable, both mentally and financially.  For a small additional cost (and we do mean small!), you can protect yourself against losing potentially thousands of dollars because of an unforeseen event or accident.  Protect your trip of a lifetime!  Call us or check out for more information about the benefits of travel insurance.

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