Top 3 Bed and Breakfast In Switzerland For Visitors

Nothing is as comforting as getting a goodnight’s rest after a fun day on your trip and waking up to the fresh smell of a delicious breakfast the next day! It is common knowledge but not a common experience for nomads and travelers. Well, such an experience and more await you in Switzerland! These top…

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Virtual Tour of Switzerland

If you’re like us, you’re likely itching to put on your traveling shoes and head abroad. But since we’re stuck at home, we thought we’d offer a short-term fix with a “virtual tour” of one of our recent trips. A few years ago, we spent 2 weeks touring Switzerland while our daughter finish her school…

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EHT goes to Switzerland

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Les Vacances de Monsieur Noam Poulain

Monsier Poulain had very busy and adventurous May – traveled around Switzerland and Portugal.  Before heading out to Europe – he was allowed to join the Girls’ Long Weekend in Sunny Mexico!                             Then in April, Sheri took me to California.  I…

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European River Cruises

Travel to Europe knowing everything is paid for.  Trust me, it’s a wonderful feeling, especially with today’s fluctuating currency values.  We can offer some tremendous values on unique European river cruises.  Most include transfers, shore excursions, accommodations in an outside cabin, all on-ship meals, and nightly entertainment. Click on the following link to browse all…

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