Elizabeth Holmes

Sorrento, Italy

I just “fell” into the travel business. Like all kids in the 70’s I wanted to go out west – for me that was from Montreal to Vancouver, however instead of ending up in Vancouver, it was Prince Rupert where my aunt lived. Out of money and still wanting to continue my traveling I decided to work for a few months. By noon I had a job at the local travel agency. Boy, was this a learning experience! Not only did we book travel all over the world but we booked ferries that delivered goods, mail and people to places like the Queen Charlotte Islands and further north to Alaska. At night I studied forest service maps to learn where mining camps were located so we could fly people to and from these areas in seaplanes. My first weeks were torturous – every time my boss and the only other employee went to coffee I would pray that the phone wouldn’t ring or that no customer would walk through the door but of course, it was inevitable. I look back to those days with much fondness, the first time away from home, getting to know yourself and having lots and lots of fun with lots of crazy frontier types. After living in Prince Rupert for 2 years I moved to Vancouver but not before a 2 month holiday in Europe. With my heavy suitcase (never again) and a Eurail Pass I flew to London first to visit relatives for a week then off to Paris. Well, that was as far as I got – Paris captured me in it’s charms, I spent the rest of my time allowing to be captured and I didn’t use one day on my pass. Since then I have been enamored by that wonderful city and cannot go to Europe without a few days in Paris.

So many people ask me where is my favorite travel destination – well, that is impossible for me to answer. I have returned to Europe at least twice a year and often to the same places because I know them and feel at home. Every time I go to a new country I want to return again and again to get to know all of the intricacies of its land, culture and people. I can easily name a couple of places that I would love to see, the rhododendron forest in Nepal and Libya.

Where would I love to live in the world? Well, I must admit that I am a city girl at heart and there are alot of spectacular cities to visit (again) and live. My first choice of course would be Paris, then Sydney, Australia – from there New York, Montreal, its not too hard to please me.

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