List of Countries That Reopened for American Tourists

In late 2019, many countries placed restrictions on air travel across the globe-especially the US, since it was one of those hit hardest by the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. Likewise, other countries restricted Americans from visiting them for fear of importing the virus. For many months, Americans were forced to stay indoors and within their respective states.

Well, there’s finally some good news for vacationers like you because some countries have started to relax restrictions on Americans and open borders for them. The bad news is that not all countries are doing the same. Some countries are still saying ‘no’ to American tourists even though their borders are open to tourists from other countries.

In light of that, we’ve compiled a list of places where American tourists can visit without the worry of being denied entry.



  • Brazil

Brazil has also opened to American tourists on July, 30th of 2020. Surprisingly, Brazil is only asking for valid Covid insurance and a Visa (if you’re staying beyond 90 days). Direct flights are available from New York, Miami, Atlanta, and Houston.


  • Colombia

As of September 2020 American tourists are allowed entry for International tourism. The first flights heading back to Colombia are from the U.S. Tourists from America need a negative PCR test taken no longer than 96 hours before departure.


  • Costa Rica

On September 1st, Tourists from 6 states of the U.S are allowed entry to Costa Rica with November, 1st set to be the date for all other states of the U.S also allied entry. American tourists will need only a negative covid PCR test of not less than 48 hours before departure.


  • Croatia

Croatia also officially reopened for American tourists on July 1st. First American tourists were required to fill just an online health form and show proof of accommodation or tourist-based activity, and later, a negative Covid PCR test.

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